COVID19 Offer: Free for 90 days

Claratti is pleased to offer a Claratti Virtual Workspace Free for 90 Days for up to 10 users

Virtual Workspace means you can access your computer desktop, files, applications and have full video collaboration from any device, at any time.

This offer is to assist companies deal with helping to stop the spread of COVID-19, by making working from home possible and easy.

You'll get up to 10 user subscriptions free for 90-days, which can be converted at anytime to run your entire department/company remotely or an ongoing contract.

Claratti Virtual Workspace offers

  • Microsoft Office 
  • Adobe (Acrobat Reader)
  • 1.35TB Storage*
  • Runs all of your existing applications
  • Runs on any internet connected device
  • Provides full video and voice collaboration
  • Connects to existing servers and telephone system

To take advantage of this offer...

Simply complete the form below and a member of our team will be in contact.

Alternatively, call us on +44 207 096 1824