Get ready to drive your business growth with Claratti’s comprehensive Partner service.

Expand the range of products and services you offer—without having to do a thing. As a Claratti partner, you can access our large range of products and expert services and offer these on to your end clients.

Take advantage of a more comprehensive IT service, with telco services, cutting-edge IT equipment, Managed ICT, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, and more, all delivered in one simple package. We provide completely white-labelled solutions, and you leverage our products and expertise to deliver a better service to your customers and clients.

With one complete solution, we come on board as your IT Partner and simplify your business’ entire IT suite.



Provide your customers with a full suite of high-speed communication services that can be mixed, matched, and tailored to their needs.

We design and deliver the highest grade telephony plans, and provide carrier-grade services that ensure your customers can get connected quickly and efficiently. With a range of mobile voice, data, and broadband plans that give them the bandwidth they need to live their lives, you’re able to deliver a service that’s more in-tune with their needs, while placing you on par with the big telcos.

Voice and Video

We help you stay ahead of the game by providing a full suite of voice and video communication services, so you can help your customers get connected, and stay connected.

As a Claratti Partner, you leverage our carrier-grade voice services, with a feature-rich voice and video platform and scalable services that cater to businesses of all sizes. We help you procure the hardware too, from traditional wireless and landline telecommunications, to PBX devices and services.

Cloud Services

Utilise our services to help your customers along their digital transformation. You can access our powerful, enterprise-level infrastructure, and deliver a combination of different elements to get the combination of speed and reliability that helps your customers optimise their business ecosystems.

We help you deploy a range of cloud solutions with minimal disruption, including physical servers, public and private cloud services, and offer interconnections with multiple Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers such as AWS, Azure, Google, and Citrix.

Managed ICT

Empower your customers to get more from their IT by connecting them to our Managed ICT services. You become a one-stop-shop for their IT needs, all hosted through our central IT services.

From day-to-day services and setup, to comprehensive cybersecurity services, we provide detailed technical services with end-to-end remote IT support. Our expert staff are available on call to answer their IT questions, with a completely scalable service that you can continue offering as their businesses scale.

General Sales

As a Claratti Partner, you can access our network of trusted suppliers to procure and deliver the hardware you need, in the timeframes that you need, at a price that your customers won’t find anywhere else.

We sell a wide range of products that you can offer to your customers and clients, including:

  • IT Equipment (Servers, PCs, Storage Devices, Monitors, Printers etc.)
  • Routing, Switching, IP Phones & Video Devices
  • Mobile Devices, Laptops & Tablets

Professional Services

Looking to provide a more comprehensive service to your customers? You can access our Professional Services, a comprehensive IT package for business customers that just need their IT to work seamlessly.

Our professional services team can support you with IT consulting services, liaising with your vendors, design, and building or solving any technical service requirement your customers may have.

You get white-labelled services that leverage our skills and expertise, but delivered on behalf of your business.

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