Becoming A Claratti Partner

What is an External Strategic Partner (ESP)?

Our ESP program was designed to allow strategically suitable businesses to sell our products and services to their clients.

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How It Works

Becoming a Claratti strategic partner is an easy, simple and effective way to expand the products and services you’re able to offer to your clients.

It enables you to sell/refer any of our products and services to your end clients. We’re also able to provide white labelled solutions where we do all of the work, while our ESPs retain their brand recognition and benefit from increased levels of customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Being an ESP

The massive demand for remote work, remote learning, work-from-home and cloud computing capabilities has put a huge amount on traditional Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and IT consultants to keep up with new technologies and infrastructure.

Doing so requires a large investment of time, knowledge and resources.

When you partner with us, you immediately gain the ability to offer your customers the latest, world-leading cloud computing and mobile desktop solutions.

We can supply invoices as well as providing your business with maintenance and support. This means you can spend less time trying to catch up with the rest of the industry and more time focusing on your clients - all while earning a monthly trailing income.

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Our ESP Models

If you’d like to take advantage of having a host of industry-leading ICT, cloud computing and remote working experts behind your business, there are a couple of different partnership models that we offer.

  • Type 1: Referral
    Otherwise known as “non-technical ESPs”, these partners simply refer their clients to us and are paid a trailing commission - based on the products and services that they purchase from us - for the life of the agreement.
  • Type 2: Wholesale
    Otherwise known as “technical ESPs”, these wholesale partners will have agreed to buy our products and services on a fixed-price basis.

    These wholesale partners will then on-bill their clients - by way of their billing platform/systems. Alternatively, these partners can pay us (on a fee-for-service basis) for us to bill their end clients.

Our wholesale ESPs must also agree to allow us to bill their end clients directly for all mobile services.

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